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If you recall last week’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York, Cardi B and Yorma threw hands over DJ Self. Once the fight was broken up, Cardi B ended up in a town car, where she kicked the window out because bouncers wouldn’t let her go.

Maybe insurance covered that, but I digress.

Yorma sat inside the club crying, and DJ Self did the typical creep song and dance apology tour 2016. Yorma was acting like she was done with Self for real, but we’ve been watching this franchise long enough to know how this goes, especially since “If a chick have beef with Cardi B, they gon’ have beef with her…foevuh!” You know they’ll be fighting over his shenanigans again.

On the flipside, Cardi B claimed she didn’t care what DJ Self did with other chicks because she’s more concerned with his connections and what he can do for her career. They allegedly agree to keep it professional.

DJ Self eventually went on his radio show talking about how he messed up with Yorma, and how he wants to make things right. Meanwhile, she was in a car holding flowers that he sent her, on the way to meet him. It didn’t take much for Self to get back in Yorma’s good graces, so now they’re back on again…for now.


The biggest creep of the episode is actually Cisco, though.

Cisco is dating Moe from BBOD, but they’re definitely not on the same page. She’s busy making plans for him to meet her family, and in his confessional he revealed that he wasn’t really with it, but in her face he pretended he was down…eff boy style. He’s the worst.

Fast forward to his “studio session” with MariahLynn…

It started out with business talk, but the conversation went into flirty territory with Cisco making slight advances. MariahLynn didn’t block him though. Her philosophy is that it’s cool to use men to get what she wants (aka sleep her way to the top).

Tonight’s main event was at BBOD’s single release party for “Thotatalicious.”


Moe was already tight with Cisco for showing up after her performance, so he tried to make good with her with some sweet talk, but then MariahLynn came through and busted up the fun. Cisco literally played dumb when MariahLynn revealed that they had something going on, and Moe surprisingly kept it kind of cool at first. Moe was actually about to walk away and let security escort them out, but then she lost it when MariahLynn said some slick ish. No hands were thrown, but Moe did throw a glass, and no matter how you spin it, it made her look bad considering the last few confrontations she has had (with Bianca and Rashidah). In the end, Moe did nothing, but confirm her hothead reputation, and the other half of BBOD isn’t happy about it.


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