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Prison Sued For $10M Following The Death Of A Blind Inmate

In 2013, blind-wheelchair bound inmate Samueal Eaddy was being transported via the Rikers Island prison bus. An officer failed to secure Eaddy’s wheelchair causing it to roll off the platform and eject him from the seat. Eaddy was helpless in preventing the fall as he was shackled at the ankles. He suffered serious injuries to his neck and spine. Three months later, Eaddy was dead from a pulmonary embolism “due to decreased mobility” according to city records. Eaddy’s family has recently filed a $10 million wrongful death suit in Brooklyn Federal Court against the city, the officers the family believes were negligent and the doctors responsible for treating Eaddy. A spokeswoman for the medical examiner said Eaddy’s death was classified as “natural.” [NY Daily News]

Thousands Of People Clamoring To Live In Smaller Apartments In New York

Housing prices throughout New York, especially in areas that have undergone gentrification are astronomical. Residents frequently complain that the small size of their apartment isn’t worth the money that they’re paying. In efforts to save more money, 60,000 people have applied for 14 below-market-rate apartments. The catch is they’re considered “micro-apartments” smaller than your average one car garage ranging from 265 to 360 square feet. A construction company received a waiver to build Carmel Place, the new complex of “micro-apartments” that were smaller than the legal 400-square foot minimum as an experimental project. Additional complexes would have to receive the same waiver. The wave of smaller living quarters as a solution for the affordable living crisis has also been approved in areas of San Francisco and Boston. [USA Today]

Brooklyn Man Charged With Hate Crime And Calling A Man A Slave

Sean Abrahams was viciously attacked on a Brooklyn street corner by vehement racist Mohammad Yakub. For several weeks, when Abrahams would walk down the street, he was subjected to Yakub’s racists epithets. “You’re a slave. You and your people are nothing. That’s the reason you’re being treated the way you are in this country and if you don’t get off my block I’m gonna f–k you up. You n—–s get off my block” said Yakub before he charged at Abrahams, scratching him in his face and biting his chest. Yakub, 22, also subjected Abrahams, 44 to sulfuric acid. Upon Yakub’s arrest, the District Attorney requested $50,000 bail however the judge released Yakub on his own recognizance. [NY Daily News]

Lawsuit Alleges Chicago Inmate Was Rendered Blind After Not Receiving Medicine

Michael Joseph Borys has filed a lawsuit against the Cook County jail and Sheriff of Cook County, Illinois Tom Dart. Borys has a history of seizures and brain cancer.  When Borys was jailed in October 2014 for a misdemeanor charge, the medical examiner ordered anti-seizure medication for Borys and recommended that he be assigned to a lower bunk. According to the suit, the prison guards ignored the doctors notes and Borys was not given his medicine in a timely fashion and he was also assigned a top bunk. Soon after, he had a seizure and he was found on the ground bleeding and unresponsive. He underwent brain surgery and also had fractured eye orbitals which left him blind in one eye. Cook County is currently investigating the alleged negligence. “We are closely reviewing the allegations of this complaint,” says Dart spokeswoman Sophia Ansari. “Our highest priorities are the safety of our staff and the safety of those placed in our custody.” [Chicago Sun Times]


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