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Cop Who Killed 18-Year-Old Ramarley Graham Gets A Raise

In 2012, Officer Richard Haste believed 18-year-old Ramarley Graham had participated in a drug deal and had a gun in his waistband so he illegally searched his home without a warrant. The teenager was unarmed but Haste assumed that he had a gun when he was fatally shot. Graham’s grandmother and 6-year-old brother were also arrested in the alleged drug raid. Haste was initially indicted then it was thrown out due to a prosecutorial mistake. The grand jury declined to indict Haste a second time. He’s since been placed on desk duty. However, he’s received a nearly $20,000 raise from the time of the incident, According to Al O’Leary, spokesman for the city’s largest police union, the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, Haste’s raises were automatic. “Any raises that any police officer, detective, sergeant on up to captain gets is because it is contractually mandated as a result of an agreement between the city and the union that represents the title,” O’Leary said. The NYPD and the federal government have been investigating the case for the past four years which is an unusually long period of time. Huffington Post

US stops British Muslim family from boarding flight to visit Disneyland

A British Muslim family will not be refunded nearly $15,000 in flight costs after being barred from boarding a flight to Los Angeles by US authorities at London’s Gatwick airport. Following the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslim immigration, the family believes they were blocked over a perceived threat that they were associated with terrorism. The family of 11 had been granted travel authorization online ahead of their planned December 15 flight however, the US Department of Homeland Security officials has refused to provide an explanation as to why they weren’t allowed to travel out of the country. They were also forced to return everything they bought at the airport’s duty-free shops before being escorted from the airport. The Guardian 

New York Officer Faces Jail Time For Assaulting A Man Who Tried To Film Him

Officer Jonathan Munoz, 32, of Suffern, N.Y., faces four years in prison on felony charge of falsifying a statement. Munoz arrested Jason Disisto, 21, on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and interfering with a police investigation. Munoz alleged that Disisto tried to punch him however, surveillance footage showed that Disisto was only trying to film the officer who had already illegally searched his female companions pockets. Surveillance footage shows Officer Munoz grabbing Disisto’s arms and with the help of two other officers, takes him into custody. The phone that the victim was recording on was later thrown from a police car. The New York Times

Grace Mugabe has taken over Zimbabwe, opposition leader claims

The wife of Zimbabwe’s ailing president has essentially assumed the leadership position. Grace Mugabe, is now effectively in charge after a “palace coup”. Her 91-year-old husband Robert Zimbabwe is still expected to be endorsed as the ruling party Zanu-PF’s presidential candidate in 2018, when he will be 94. Grace, who is only 50-years-old has been an increasingly prominent presence on Zimbabwe’s political scene in recent months, taking up a key post in the ruling party and going around the country addressing rallies and handing out gifts. The Guardian 


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