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Fadumo Dayib has had her share of hardships but her perseverance against all odds makes her an ideal presidential candidate. Dayib was born in Kenya but was soon deported back to her native Somali due to her parents not having proper travel documents.

According to the BBC, Dayib didn’t learn to read or write until age 14 but she recently received her Master’s degree in health care and public health from Harvard University.

“85% of the Somalian population is under the age of 35 yet they don’t have a means of livelihood or the ability to visualize a better future for themselves,” Dayib said on her reasoning behind running for office. “The current situation in Somali is really one that we can’t afford to continue maintaining.”

The mother of four has already received death threats from terrorist organization Al-Shabaab, but nothing can dissuade her from running.

In a moving speech announcing her campaign she said, “What can Al-Shabbab do to a woman who has died 4 times? I died when I was born, I died when I was mutilated, I died on my wedding night and I died when I gave birth to my first child…I am not afraid of death.”

“What can Al-shabbad do to a woman who has died 4 times? I’d rather die for something I believe in, than live and be dead inside, because I don’t believe that a woman belongs either in a house or in a grave. That’s why I am running for President in 2016 in my country, Somalia.”

Fadumo, you’re already a winner in our eyes! Your courageousness is an inspiration to all women!


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