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The Blonds - Front Row & Backstage - Spring 2016 MADE Fashion Week

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Finally, we meet Cardi B, the Patron Saint of Instagram Ratchets! Her fans were so tight that she didn’t appear last week that they created memes for the occasion.

The self-proclaimed “regular, degular, schmegular girl from The Bronx,” is another dancer turned artist, and she’s already proving to be more colorful than any like her that we’ve seen on the franchise (aka, Joseline has competition). DJ Self wants to help her get her music career popping off, but DJ Self is a member of the Creep Squad (we later meet his jealous girlfriend), so he has ulterior motives. He has a thing for Cardi, and wants her to leave her man in jail for him. Cardi is trying to keep it platonic because she doesn’t trust him. So far, so good with Cardi B. She’s out there, but she seems to be a logical thinker. We’ll see how long before she gives in to Self’s advances, though.

In a surprising twist of events (and the second of three of the most entertaining events from tonight’s episode), Rich is really serious about his hiatus as president of the Creep Squad. He’s seemingly trying to be faithful to Moniece (for now), and he’s being a father to his 16-year-old daughter. The story line is a bit of a reach, but good guy Rich actually isn’t bad to watch (even if it is hard to believe), especially when he told his daughter not to end up with a man like him after discovering that she wasn’t a virgin.

Moving on, the last major highlight of the episode is that, surprise, Tara and Amina are still fighting over Peter. This time around, Amina went looking for Tara just to ask her if she knew where Peter was and whether he spends the night at her place. Tara’s response to that was, “not necessarily” (just being shady for the hell of it). Later on in the episode, Tara decided to invite Peter over for an ambush meeting with Amina to “get to the bottom of things.” Look, it went down the way it always goes down, but with a little extra oomph. Tara and Amina were once again talking about how they’ve had enough of Peter lying to them, and then kept trying to one up each other with who had Peter’s peen when. You know, basic ish. The kicker came after Amina smacked fire out of Peter and informed him that she was pregnant before storming out. *Drops mic.

Why do they keep fighting over this man when they already know that Peter is always going to Peter. They should just admit they’re okay with sharing him and deal with life as concubines.