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For many of us a good haircut is not a big deal–it’s pretty routine.  But for one Long Beach hair salon owner, she realized that a simple haircut isn’t so simple—it can be the difference between getting a job or continuing to live on the streets.

Earlier this month, Teves Lee, 43, who owns Your Hair N More, noticed a woman come into her shop asking for a “press and curl.” The salon only takes appointments and doesn’t really provide that kind of style, but Lee told ABC News that she knew that “something about this woman told me to tell her to come back.”

And the woman did, the very next day.

When Lee began inspecting the woman’s hair, she noticed that it was extremely matted and parched and had a small piece of garbage lodged in it. In that moment, Lee realized that the woman was homeless. While the woman originally asked to have her hair to be blow dried and pressed, Lee suggested getting a big chop, a style that would be easier for her to manage.

“You’re not in a position to keep your hair done or sleep in a places that will allow for it to stay clean,” Lee told ABC she gently said to woman.

Putting a lot of thought into, the woman finally agreed and let Lee cut her hair to a cute mini fro, which turned out to be a blessing, because while in the chair, the woman received a call on her cell from a potential employer asking her to come in for a job interview.

“Well, that’s a sign!” Lee recalled telling her client, who was also in the midst of a custody battle for her child.

Lee doesn’t know whether or not the woman was actually hired, but giving her a haircut, presumably for free, was about reminding the homeless that they are not “forgotten” and that they deserve to “feel good,” too.



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