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The Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood crew ended their second season with a snoozefest of a reunion. It was pretty much the same drama being rehashed with no real resolution, but there were some moments worth noting. Speaking of resolutions, blogger Jason Lee popped up again for his third time this season. He apologized to Hazel for his bitch ass behavior on the show—you know, the throwing a drink in her face situation—but she did not accept. Lee claimed he threw the drink in her face because she insulted him for being gay and outed he and the person he was sleeping with when neither one of them had actually come out to their families yet. He may have been telling the truth, but there’s something extremely disingenuous about him. Besides, if we didn’t see the clip, it didn’t happen.

Teairra Mari and Hazel made up over their fashion show beef. They’ll probably be beefing again over something else soon, though. For what it’s worth, Tee Tee also made up with Milan and Nikki (she tries to have mature moments, although fleeting). She and Princess, on the other hand, will probably never be good due to the destructive power of Ray J’s peen.

Nia is still settling for Soulja Boy (and Teddy Riley is still weeping), who was acting rather strange—strange as in, no one would be surprised if that boy was on something. I can’t outright say he’s on drugs without proof, but I mean…he was acting erratic—like coke-ish. He was hostile, and we wasn’t direct with answering questions, and there was also a moment where instead of admitting that he will forever cheat on Nia, whether it’s with Nas (who was there in a Ronald McDonald wig) or other groupies. He also pulled out wads of cash and bragged about how rich he was (that latter part is the usual coonery, though). Even his castmates looked concerned, but no one had the balls to suggest rehab, I digress. At some point Nia and Nas almost got into a physical altercation—you know, birds gon’ bird—but security squashed that swiftly. The best thing to come out of this segment was news that Soulja Boy was getting his face tats removed. At least he’ll look less crazy.

The biggest storyline of the season ended in heartbreak. Milan had plans to propose to Miles, but apparently, Miles had been cheating with another man. Miles denied it, but Milan was adamant that Miles was guilty and called him a fraud before storming out and crying in the dressing room. Milan composed him self and returned so that they could discuss the groundbreaking nature of their story, which was actually the only part of the reunion that had some real substance.

That’s all she wrote for now, but you already know the Hollywood crew will be back next year with more ratchet shenanigans. At the very least, Ray J and Princess will probably get a wedding special, if they can manage to stay engaged, and this probably isn’t the last we’ve heard about Miles and Milan as a couple.


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