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: , the former Oklahoma City police officer charged with 36 counts in the sexual assault of 13 Black women, has been found guilty on 18 counts, including 1st degree rape. The jury is recommending a total of 263 years.

Watch verdict being read below:

The 29-year-old raped and assaulted 12 Black women and one Black girl, who was just 17 at the time. All of his victims were Black and poor, targeted specifically because they were women who he believed would be easy to discredit.

As the jury read the verdict, Holtzclaw sobbed and shook. His sentencing is scheduled for January 21.

Holtzclaw, standing more than 6 feet tall and weighing 260 pounds, was fired from the OKC force in January. As previously reported by HelloBeautiful, he was charged with 36 counts, including forcible oral sodomy, first-degree rape, sexual battery, indecent exposure, first-degree burglary and stalking.

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On Thursday, after four days of deliberation, an all White jury of eight men and four women found Holtzclaw guilty of five counts of rape and 13 counts of sexual assault.

Earlier this week, Holtzclaw’s victims told their story to Buzzfeed, revealing how he raped, abused, harassed and stalked them. One woman revealed that she was raped by Holtzclaw, a former NFL player, in an abandoned school. Another told of how she was forced to perform oral sex on him on the side of the road. Another revealed that following the assault, Holtzclaw stalked her, following her to a mall to demand sex.

The last accuser revealed that Holtzclaw raped her on her mother’s porch. She was just 17 at the time.

To see the full timeline of the deliberations, see below.

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December 10, 8:45pm ET:

December 10, 12:10 pm:

The OKC Artists 4 Justice made another announcement this morning saying:

Tom George, a local reporter also tweeted that various other women have filed civil suits related to the case, saying:

December 10, 11:00 p.m.:

After deliberating all day, the jury in the Holtzclaw case called it a night. So far, they have deliberated for approximately 35 hours and they return at 9:30am CT.

December 9, 4:06 p.m.:

The jury is still deciding over the Holtzclaw case. Local reporter Tom George tweeted saying:

Today, OKC Artists 4 Justice tweeted:

George went on to explain why the jury decision may take an extended amount of time, saying:

December 8, 11:00 P.M.: After nearly 24 hours of deliberations, the jury in the Daniel Holtzclaw trial was dismissed for the night. They will return at 9:30am. CT.

December 8, 3:48 P.M.: As the jurors in the Daniel Holtzclaw case continued with their deliberations Tuesday, protestors were chanting “36 counts, we want life,” outside of the Oklahoma City courthouse.

December 7, 10 p.m.: The jury that will decide the fate of Daniel Holtzclaw has been sent home after almost nine hours of deliberations. They deliberated until approximately 2:30 a.m. CT before calling it a night.

They will reconvene Tuesday, December 8, at 10:30am CT.


The fate of Daniel Holtzclaw, 28, the former Oklahoma City police officer who stands accused of raping 12 Black women and one underage Black girl while on duty, is now in the hands of the all-White jury selected to bring him to justice.

All 129 seats in the courtroom were full on Monday for closing arguments, a direct contrast with the beginning of the trial when community activists and clergy were trying to rally people to the empty courtroom.

As previously reported by HelloBeautiful, Holtzclaw faces 36 counts, including forcible oral sodomy, first-degree rape, sexual battery, indecent exposure, first-degree burglary and stalking.

According to reporter Tom George, the prosecution rested by saying, “…convince these women that someone cares about them.”


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