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It’s no secret that #TeamBeautiful loves us some Ayesha Curry, wife of Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, but last night the Tweets came for our girl after she threw a slight bit of “classy” shade at sisters who like to expose skin.

Most people were supportive of the tweet and let her know:

But there were also those who said she was being condescending and slut-shaming women for their preferences:

Then came the men who chase women wearing provocative clothes, but judge their character and find it lacking:

Curry apparently took notice that her innocent tweet sparked controversy — when we last checked, she was the #1 trending topic — and said that women shouldn’t be judged for or by what they wear.

We know she was just voicing her personal opinion on style, and she tried to smooth it over, but the Classy vs. Trashy War is in full swing. Just when you think we’ve evolved past this point, something like this happens to remind us that women, especially women of color, are not supposed to be sexy and free — at least not without a man’s permission.

Take note, men — and women who think knocking a woman for what she wears earns her “Find a Man” points: Grown women wear what they want.


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