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Not only does the holiday season bring out the best of gift giving guides and holiday wear, but it’s also time for the end of season sales.

Nothing is worse during one of the best sales of the season than not having enough money set aside to shop the sales. This time of the year can get pretty pricey with travel accommodations, gifts and food purchases. Here are a few tips to help you find or save some coins to shop your favorite end of season sales (or pay a bill or two but this is after all about the fashion):

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Grocery Shop, Cook, Pack Your Lunch, Eat at home! I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. Eating out gets really expensive quickly. Packing your lunch for work and making meals at home will definitely add some extra coins to your pockets. For crying out loud no one is above a coupon. So, find some and use them!

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Walk, Bike or Take Public Transportation = Drive less. This is probably pretty standard in larger cities with great public transportation. However, for cities where everyone drives, meet some new people and try your hand at carpooling. Use the park and ride option offered at some train stations to save on gas and car maintenance. If you’re close enough and weather permitting, kill two birds with one stone. Get some exercise and walk or bike to work.

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Have a closet-cleansing sale. Clean out that closet, set up your Poshmark or eBay store and get to selling! There’s money hiding in that closet of yours. Tap into it! Most importantly, you’ll be making room for those new purchases.

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Get creative with your entertainment options. Instead of hitting the most poppin’ happy hour or the newest restaurant, invite friends over with an entrance requirement. It can be whatever you like: a bottle of your favorite rose, homemade Bruschetta, or a highly sought after Patty Pie. It’s a safe way to party since you can drink with no worries because you’re already home and it saves on the all of the costs associated with leaving your house to have fun.

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Call creditors and utility companies for the best rates and promotions. Scrub your bills for any inconsistencies and call your credit card companies for any rate decreases or promotions. These companies hardly ever tell you that there are money saving options available to you. Seek and ye shall find.

Use what you’ve got to get what you want! In the day of Airbnb and Uber, you have to look at what you currently have to find out how it can work for you to generate some extra income.


Do you have some additional money saving tips? I would love to hear them. Drop a comment below.

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