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University of Missouri President Resigns As Protests Grow over Racism

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Update at 7:13 pm, Wednesday, Nov 11: A second suspect has been arrested for making terrorist threats against Black students at the University of Missouri. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Northwest Missouri State University freshman Connor B. Stottlemyre, 19, was arrested by campus police at his dorm Wednesday. A university spokesman said another student reported seeing Stottlemyre’s alleged message on the app Yik Yak, which threatened violence against Black students.

“I’m gonna shoot any black people tomorrow, so be ready,” his post reportedly read.

Meanwhile Wednesday, the professor who told students he would not excuse them from their exam in spite of the death threats stepped down from his position.

Dale Brigham, professor of nutrition and exercise physiology, wrote an email alerting students of the news after his initial comments went viral.

“I made a mistake and I do not want to cause further harm,” he said. “If my leaders think that my leaving would help, I am all for it.”

Update at 1:30 pm, Wednesday, Nov 11: The University of Missouri’s Online Emergency Information Center has released a statement saying that it has arrested a suspect who posted threats in response to the recent protests on Yik Yak and various other social media outlets. The suspect has been identified by NBC News as Hunter Park, a 19-year-old sophomore at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

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The center says that Park was not on or near the campus when he posted the threats and is urging concerned students and protestors to check their website for updates.

Update at 8:44 am, Wednesday, Nov 11: White students have continued to mock and belittle the protests, comparing news segments covering the events on campus and the threats being made to students to sightings of monsters like Godzilla:

Original story: Just one day after the resignation of University Of Missouri President Tim Wolfe, Black students were sharing frightening accounts of hate groups threatening to shoot them, chanting racial epithets and terrorizing them on campus.

On Tuesday night, the campus’ Black Culture Center was briefly placed on lockdown after a threat was phoned in during a meeting of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus.

At the same time, terrified students took to social media to share their accounts of men circling their cars in pickup trucks without license plates, screaming “White Power” and declaring they’ve had enough of the protests.

One student shared her terrifying encounter on her Twitter page, writing of how she was shaking from fear after being surrounded in Speaker’s Circle on campus.

She Tweeted:

If you are black and on campus GO HOME there is a racist meeting in speaker circle they are threatening us saying don’t come tmmrw

Meanwhile, on the app YikYak, where users have been posting racist messages since the president’s resignation Monday, the posts took a sinister turn. Multiple users posted threats to the safety of Black students, declaring they would “shoot every Black person” they saw.

Payton Head, the student body president, initially tweeted that there were confirmed sightings of the KKK on campus, but later retracted his statement and apologized.

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Many of the students expressed fear and outrage at members of the faculty and staff who refused to cancel classes or exams, despite the threats.

The university’s Twitter page said that authorities were investigating the incident, but, in spite of the numerous reports from multiple sources, told students there was “no real threat.”

This is a developing story. We will keep you updated with the latest information as we receive it.


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