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On Sunday, Season Eight of The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered and there was no shortage of drama (as if you’d expect anything less). Let’s get right into it:

Back in Action Sans NeNe

America’s favorite always-on-edge couple Kandi and Todd have decided to do IVF (Oh, hey Dr. Jackie from Married to Medicine!). We already know from past news reports that Kandi is pregnant, but we now get to actually watch her journey, which is exciting. The Tuckers share a sweet moment as they look at the sonogram of the new addition to the family.

P.S. It’s a boy!

Meanwhile, Porsha and Phaedra get together to catch up on life, and Phaedra starts coming through with the freaky one-liners!

“You look like a big booty tangerine,” was Phaedra’s choice greeting after eyeing Porsha, who looked all-curvaceous in a cute tangerine jumpsuit.

You know Phaedra likes booty, and Porsha has plenty so … it was definitely a moment.

Both women have obviously gotten really close, so they catch up, like typical friends, about how Phaedra and her sons are dealing with Apollo’s absence, as well a Porsha’s new 24-year-old boo who got her booking info from her Instagram page (I can’t).

They then start gossiping about Cynthia’s drama…

Cynthia and Peter’s Drama

So, do you all remember how video footage surfaced earlier this year of Peter in a club allegedly fondling a woman and talking in her ear all close and familiar? Well … tonight we revisit this mess situation. Apparently, Peter and Cynthia haven’t been spending much time together anyway. He has been traveling to Charlotte a lot to manage his club there, while Cynthia handles her business in Atlanta. Translation: They get to see each other about three times a week, if they’re lucky.

In this scene, Cynthia confronts Peter about what happened. Peter stands firm in his assholdom claim that he and that woman were having a platonic conversation.

“Who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes?” he asks her.

Cynthia says the video looks inappropriate and shady, and that she’s embarrassed. And she’s right. Peter insists that he and that woman don’t want each other, but Cynthia says this isn’t the first time she has heard rumors about Peter cheating on her and reprimands him for getting himself into a situation that even looked suspect. Yikes.

Meet Porsha’s Boo

We finally get to meet Porsha’s footballer boo, who is a safety for the Bills, and although verbal conversation is lacking, there’s obviously a lot of sexual chemistry. Porsha hasn’t gone all the way with her young tenderoni just yet, but they do swap spit, indulge in strawberries, and get all touchy-feely. Porsha reveals that she wants him to meet her family, once they come up for air, despite the fact that they’re hesitant because of him being so young. That probably won’t go well, but in the meantime, it looks like they might finally get some sex poppin. So, hey, get it girl.

Chateau Sheree

Sheree pops back on the scene this season. And while at this point in the episode, we haven’t physically seen her, Kenya reveals she has coincidentally bought a home in the same neighborhood as Chateau Sheree. Kenya, while riding with Cynthia, decides to ride past the Chateau, and it looks like it’s finally closer to completion …10 years later.

The outside façade is beautiful, but what good does the outside of a home do if it’s not going to be finished until next Neveruary?

Cynthia’s New Venture

At this point we’re nearing the end of the episode and the ladies all get together at Cynthia’s launch event for her new line of shades. Things are a little awkward between Phaedra and Kandi, whose friendship hasn’t been very tight lately, but they keep it civil. Marlo comes through and everyone mingles for a bit (sans Sheree, who hasn’t arrived yet) until Peter shows up and starts bickering with Kenya. Y’all know Kenya likes to poke — She brings up the shady video and Peter takes the bait.

Later on, Mallory, Cynthia’s sister, gets with the ladies and spills all of Cynthia’s tea. She tells them about a conversation she had (probably in confidence) with her sister where Cynthia says she’s not attracted to Peter with his clothes off. Mmkay…

Why Mallory would sell her sister out like that to this group of ladies is beyond any of us, but here we are.

In other news, Cynthia finally arrives, literally fashionably late. She looks amazing and it’s nice to know that we can always count on her to slay when necessary, even when the chips are down.

And speaking of being fashionably late, in the last 15 minutes of the episode, Sheree finally arrives. She doesn’t look as fly as Cynthia, but she still looks good. She greets the group, and Kenya immediately starts in with the shade again by bringing up the fact that they’re neighbors and that Sheree’s house isn’t done (mind you, Kenya bought a foreclosed home that needs a lot of work).

Sheree reveals that she hasn’t moved in yet because “it takes time” (side-eye though, because we know that’s b.s. too). Kenya tells Sheree that neighbors have been complaining about her home being an eyesore (because, you know, property value). They start arguing and trading insults back and forth, but you know Sheree ain’t the one. Obviously, they’re not going to be friends this season, and we end the episode on a “To Be Continued” note, as their verbal sparring session escalates to what could potentially end up being another Kenya Moore dragging.

Check back next week for the endless drama of these Atlanta peaches.


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