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One hard-working contractor is riding in style thanks to some incredibly generous friends and clients.

John Joyce doesn’t know the meaning of the word retired. At 83, he’s making ends meet by mowing lawns for a living. However, his business hit a snag when his 1994 pickup truck broke down because of the transmission gave out.

Without a vehicle, Joyce was left with no means of transportation. Determined not to let his customers down, he simply decided to get around on his own two feet! He would push his lawn mower for miles as he walked from appointment to appointment.

Right now, this all just sounds like a string of bad luck, but ABC News reports that this is where the story takes a turn for the better. After seeing how much trouble Joyce was having just getting around, customers Robert and Nikki Norton decided to start a GoFundMe for him. The couple set out to raise just $4,000 so they could purchase a new truck for Joyce, but they raised $13,080.

The pair purchased a 2004 Nissan SE King cab V8 with the donations. According to, the Nortons were able to pay for insurance, gas, and even some new lawn equipment for Joyce with the money left over.

There were tears of joy as Joyce signed the paperwork. He couldn’t believe the truck was his at first. After getting in his new truck, Joyce told WTSP that he felt “like a millionaire.”


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