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Remember at the 2013, 2014 AND 2015 Oscar’s when it was supposed to be Lupita Nyongo’s moment but her brother LuPeter was running around like a chicken with his head cut off taking pics with all of the celebs? From photo bombing Ellen Degeneres to getting a coveted pic with Queen Bey and Common, it must be rare for Peter to be in such swanky settings. He must have networked with a casting director because he just landed his first movie role!

Peter has a self-described “small part” in the Tom Ford film, “Nocturnal Animals” which is an adaptation of the 1993 book of the same name. From the description of the plot, it’s sounds good.

Via Shadow & Act:

The novel tells the story of a woman named Susan who receives a book manuscript from her ex-husband, a man whom she left 20 years earlier, asking for her opinion. The book then tracks two stories: the story in the novel, titled “Nocturnal Animals,” which tells of a man whose family vacation turns violent and deadly; and the second tells the story of Susan, who finds herself recalling her first marriage and confronting some dark truths about herself.

Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal star as the films married couple. While we haven’t heard of Peter having any formal acting training like his Yale alumna sister, Lupita, we’re bet the pair are going to run lines together and he’s going to do an awesome job. Check out some pics of him fanning out at the Oscars.

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🏆 "First off, I’d like to thank God that lives in us all. Recently, John and I got to go to Selma and perform “Glory” on the same bridge that Dr. King and the people of the civil rights movement marched on 50 years ago. This bridge was once a landmark of a divided nation, but now is a symbol for change. The spirit of this bridge transcends race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and social status. The spirit of this bridge connects the kid from the South side of Chicago, dreaming of a better life to those in France standing up for their freedom of expression to the people in Hong Kong protesting for democracy. This bridge was built on hope. Welded with compassion. And elevated by love for all human beings." –> @common thank you brother, for words that will inspire a generation 🏆

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