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African American newlyweds toasting with family

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Weddings are a joyous occasion overall, but there are tons of other emotions that run through your head. It’s a long day with a ton of feels–feels that we have illustrated in GIFs!

Which side do I sit on?

Am I overdressed? Underdressed?

When does this start?

Oop! There’s the music. It’s about to go down!

That dress is fabulous! Yaaasss, honey! Slay!

Aww, look at how happy the groom is! This is so cute!

I know these people ain’t coming in all extra late. The ceremony has already started.

Ugh why do the tall people always sit in front of me?

I really wish this guy would sit straight. Now I have to be at 90 degree angle the entire ceremony to see what’s going on!

I hope I’m not blocking anyone’s view.

Aww, these vows are so sweet.

They did it! I’m so happy for my girl. Look at that smile.

OMG…this reception space! Love it!

Oh man…what am I supposed to write in the guest book? I used up all my good material on the card!

I hope I don’t look too ridiculous with these moves.

Thank God for line dances! No one Wobbles like me.

This was an amazing celebration, and I love these two people together.

Look at all this love in the room. Beautiful. I’m so glad I got to be here for this!


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