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FOX's 'Empire' - Season Two

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A New Empire in the Making

This week’s episode of Empire opened with Cookie, Hakeem and Andre plotting against Lucious and planning to start their own record company. In case you missed the premiere, Lucious gave them all the boot after figuring out they were conspiring against him. In a surprising twist, Anika is right along with them as they set up their new dynasty. (This is not part of Cookie’s plan, but Andre and Hakeem seem to think it’s a good idea to try to convince Cookie to at least tolerate Boo Boo Kitty).

Skinny Black Is A Cop Now

Remember Ludacris’ character, Skinny Black, from Hustle and Flow? Well he’s back with a vengeance, but now he’s a CO with a big bone to pick with Djay Lucious. Their reignited beef started when Lucious performed in the yard with his prison producers. When Lucious began coughing like a smoker with bronchitis, the Salty CO (Luda) starts being a jerk. That relationship is obviously going to be trouble.

Lucious Wants Hakeem Back

Jamal visited Lucious in jail and they plotted how to bring Hakeem back to Empire before his album drops, because according to Lucious, “Hakeem belongs to Empire.” In the middle of their convo, a random and definitely shady lawyer who just so happened to be there with another client, swooped in to convince Lucious to hire him. Lucious was intrigued and set up a meeting.

Lucious Prison Jams Vol. 1

Lucious got back in the “booth” (or makeshift closet studio, whatever you want to call it) with his prison mates to record a song about snitches that’s basically a “Whoop that Trick” part two. Salty CO caught wind of this impromptu and also illegal session and busted up the fun. And just to show how much of a jerk he is, he put Lucious in the hole, then threatened to kill him. Lucious ain’t the one, though. But we know this already.

Later on, Salty CO got beat up by some goons and was forced to hand over the laptop with Lucious’ new song on it. Aforementioned sleazy lawyer made it all happen, probably with Lucious’ blessing.

Hakeem Is Still Impulsive

Hakeem revealed he leaked his album, that was supposed to be released via Empire, online, which was the last straw for Andre, who was concerned about the legal ramifications. Cookie seemed to be naïve enough to believe Jamal wouldn’t sue (but um…Lucious sure would) and tried to convince him to come back to the company. Andre revealed it’s not just Hakeem’s stupidity that pushed him away, he’s just not into “their scrappy set up” and needs to be somewhere that’s established. He just wanted to be a punk and go back to Empire.

Later on, Andre visited Lucious in jail and asked for forgiveness. Luscious didn’t forgive him, because…petty wap. Andre then brought up the fact that Lucious hates Jamal because he’s gay, yet Jamal is running Empire and reminded him Hakeem slept with Anika. All Andre did was jump ship to start a new company for a hot second, so considering the circumstances, why wass Lucious being so hard on him? Insert flashback of Lucious as a boy, with his mom (played by Kelly Rowland) singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider”…um…not quite sure what this flashback is supposed to be, but our theory is, Lucious’ mom may have been bipolar and therefore passed the gene to Andre. Still random, but Lucious is petty enough to hate his child for genetics. I guess we’ll have to keep watching for more Lucious flashbacks for clues.

Jamal Tries To Get Hakeem Back

Jamal tried to get Hakeem to return to Empire. Hakeem decides to stick with his mom and turned him down. He also revealed he leaked his album. Jamal threatened to sue, but Hakeem wasn’t scared. “This is exactly why I’m not returning to Empire,” he said. Hakeem also revealed he and Cookie’s new company’s name is Lyon Dynasty. Jamal, like the rest of us, thinks it’s a corny and told Hakeem to kick rocks.

Hakeem went to hang out with Cookie at the Lyon Dynasty office when Lucious’ new song just so happened to come on the radio. They resolved to take over before Lucious gets out, but that day may be coming sooner than they think.

Lucious Is About To Be Released

Cut to Lucious in court. The sleazy lawyer dude from earlier presented “evidence” that could free Lucious pending his trial. Said “evidence” is actually photos of the judge all tied up and kinky like. The judge grants Lucious bail as a result. It looks like the sleazy lawyer is good on his word after all.

What did you think about last night’s episode?


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FOX's 'Empire' - Season Two
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