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James Dukes, an 11 year-old boy from Marietta, GA became a true hero earlier this week when he helped his mother deliver his baby brother, The Root reports.

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Dukes’ mother went into labor earlier than expected and the 11 year-old rose to the occasion to help his mother. Citing CBS news, The Root reported that the mother, Kenyarda, had collapsed on the floor and with James’ father working, he was the only one at home to help and help, he did.

James cleaned his baby bother, Royal, and ensured that his mother was doing okay. His mother referred to him as her, “guardian angel.”

The 911 dispatcher guided James on how to keep Royal safe and warm before an ambulance arrived at  the family’s home to take mom and baby to the hospital.

James reports that he wasn’t scared. “It was more just like, let me clean the baby off, make sure he’s OK, make sure my mom’s OK,” the 11 year-old exclaimed.

The ordeal might have created a future doctor as James is reportedly thinking of becoming a doctor, instead of playing football for the NFL. We wish him all the best and congratulations to the family!

Read the full story at The Root.


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