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Earlier this week, we saw Michael B Jordan being perfect on the GQ cover. And then we actually read what she had to say and some of it had us sighing with, “Not you too BAE, not you too!”

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Jordan referred to “females” in the piece in a particularly crass way. He also perpetuated the stereotype that Black women would have a problem with him dating a White woman, referring to his rumored relationship with Kendall Jenner. (I don’t think Black women cared she was White. If anything, they cared for that last name.)

Then there were some rumors that Jordan had sent a Snapchat to his fans, saying “All Lives Matter,” according to The Daily Beast. At this point, Black Twitter was in full roast, as many picked up the story.

But Jordan sent out two tweets an hour ago, both of which had a link to a letter in Essence clarifying what was and wasn’t true, and apologizing for some wrongdoings.

In the letter, Jordan unequivocally denies saying “All Lives Matter” and emphasizes his support for Black Lives Matter. He also apologizes for using “females” in the way he did letter, and sent a special shout out to all the Black women who love him:

Lastly, my fans who are women mean the world to me. This is especially true of Black women, who as a group have supported my work long before the industry knew my name.

Read the full letter here.

Phew, glad this one is all cleared up! Now we can all be thirsty when Creed comes out in November with a clear conscience.


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