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Beth Mandl, the dispatcher who sent Cleveland police to Cudell Recreation Center the day an officer fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice, resigned from the department in July, according to recently released records.

Mandl came under fire in the days following Rice’s death for not reporting to the police that the man who called 911 mentioned that the gun was “probably fake.” Rice was shot within seconds of police arriving.


Beth Mandl sent a two-sentence resignation letter to the department on July 16 after failing to show up for work since April 3.

“I have enjoyed working here and I will miss you all,” the letter said.

Mandl signed her letter days after the department gave the long-absent dispatcher an ultimatum: provide a “satisfactory explanation” for her absence or be considered resigned.

Mandl said the job was stressful and spoke about quitting before she abandoned the post, according to a department letter. She was not paid during her absence.

It should also be noted that Mandl was fired from her dispatcher job with Case Western Reserve University’s police department in 2008. She was also arrested and charged with bringing a gun to a bar. If that ain’t privilege, then…


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