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If you ever get a chance to join Patti LaBelle on stage, you better keep it cute and covered up!

One fan threw his inhibitions to the wind when he got on stage. reports that Patti in invited a few fans on stage with her to sing and dance. One of the chosen few took it a bit too far for her liking, though.

Patti was ok while the fan was dancing along, but she shut everything down when she saw him getting ready to strip.

“Don’t you dare. Not on my stage,” Patti said when she spotted the man unbuttoning his shirt. “I’m 72 years old. I’m not Nicki Minaj or that other one [Miley Cyrus].”

Patti really lost it when he decided to literally show her his behind!

“Get off of my God-darned stage, b*tch. And stay off,” she said, cueing her security to escort the guy off stage. “Put him out of the building. Put him out. How dare you?!”

From video obtained by TMZ, it seems that the fan may have been stirring up a little trouble before center stage. Patti said she gave him a few chances to get his act together, but she refused to keep going easy on him after that stunt.

Let that be a lesson: What you won’t do is disrespect Patti on her stage!


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