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Months of planning have all come down to this: your wedding day. And instead of being a calm, cool, collected bride, you’ve slowly started to lose your mind. Fortunately for you, we know a few ways you can get it together!

Brides fantasize about their wedding being a day of love, celebration, and fun that all goes off without a hitch. From the moment they wake up to the time they cut the cake, most women visualize a perfect, drama-free wedding. The reality is that almost never happens. Someone’s running late, one of your bridesmaids is being a diva, your mom is still pestering you about how you want to wear you hair (because it’s not what she envisioned for your wedding), and extra guests keep popping up! Who even invited your cousin’s choir director?!

Face it: Weddings are stressful, and more than a few women have had bridal meltdowns before heading down the aisle. Fortunately, you don’t need to let all these bumps in your big day drive you crazy if you just take a few steps to keep yourself in check. It’s a lot easier to remain calm than to calm back down after you blow up.

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1. Take A Break

Weddings can be total chaos behind the scenes, and brides are at the center of it all. Taking a little time out to get away from all the madness can go a long way to helping you keep your cool. Getting away from everything that is stressing you out about wedding prep could be exactly what you need to locate your chill.

2. Have A Drink

All that champagne in the bridal suite isn’t just to pre-game and celebrate your nuptials. Sometimes a little bubbly can take the edge off. Don’t overdo it, though! One glass should be enough. No one wants to be picking you up off the floor at the altar.

3. Pray (or meditate)

Sometimes you might need to take things to a higher power when your nerves are shot. Find a quiet space, get comfortable, close your eyes and breathe. Focus your thoughts on what really matters about the day and make that your priority. From there it shouldn’t be hard to determine what actually counts as a bridal emergency and what’s simply an annoyance to be brushed aside (or delegated to someone else to handle).

4. Dance Break!

There’s just something about dancing that makes you feel a little better. If you feel yourself getting too worked up, try defusing the situation by turning on your jam and shaking your booty before you slip into your wedding gown.

5. Contact Your Groom

You and your spouse are a team, and sometimes you might need their help when you’re a second from snapping on everyone in sight. suggests that sneaking a moment with your groom helps to remind you what the day is really all about: the two of you beginning your lives together. For the more traditional brides that don’t like the idea of seeing the groom before the wedding, giving your sweetie a call before the wedding (or maybe sending a text) might be just the thing you need to climb down off of the ceiling.

If these don’t work and you still go off, though, just remember to apologize (to everyone) once you’ve located your mind again.


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