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Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Premiere Event

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Back In Business

Teairra Mari, Apryl and Moniece had some girl talk on the beach. Apryl is having an event and lets it be known that she invited Princess. Teairra claims that if Princess stays in her lane then she’ll stay in hers. We know what happens when people that don’t like each other talk about staying in their lanes on reality shows when there’s an event involved, so this probably won’t end well.


Hazel-E introduces us to cast newbies Milan, a producer, and Miles, a rapper. Bothe are members of the rainbow coalition, but their relationship to each other isn’t mentioned yet. All we know at the moment is that Hazel-E and Milan are good friends (allegedly). Milan confides in Hazel that he is in love with his boo thang, and wants to take things to the next level in terms of marriage, kids and the whole shebang.

Ray J Still Aint Ish…

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Premiere Event

Source: Jesse Grant / Getty

Ray J stops by Princess’ hideout (she’s staying at her friend’s house to get away from him) to try to convince her to come home. She’s not with it, and alleges that he lied to the media claiming that she broke his rib and tore his ACL after busting him at a wild party. Ray claims he wants to make amends, but this “conversation” goes south quickly. Princess tries to get him to apologize maturely, and to explain himself about what he was thinking that night. He basically gaslights her and claims that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and that nothing happened the way she said it did. She reminds him that she went to jail that night behind his “disrespectful and cheating ways.” He thinks that hugging up on her and asking for forgiveness is the way to go. All I can say is, this is dedicated to Ray J:

Moniece and Richie D Sitting in a Tree 

Moniece picks up her boo Rich Dollaz from the airport, and it looks like they’re really trying to make this happen…at least for cameras. Rich claims he’s more mature and that he’s going to do right by Moniece. But um…this is Richie D we’re talking about, the president of the Creep Life Squad. So…this is dedicated to Richie D:

Ray Tries Again 

Ray J gets Princess to agree to meet up on a yacht so that he can apologize again. For some reason his bull works this time (maybe he flashed his peen, or something). He tells Princess that he’ll get rid of the party apartment to show her that he’s serious about getting back with her. So now she’s all gassed, thinking he’s serious and they slob each other down looking toward a better future as a couple.

Apryl’s Big Event

Apryl has girl’s spa day event. This is the aforementioned event where Teairra said she could coexist in the same room with Princess as long as “she stays in her lane.” Princess doesn’t stay in her lane and thinks it’s cute to greet Teairra. Surprisingly, they actually manage to chat in a civilized manner, and they bond over having experienced Ray J’s drama, and how he feeds information to the media. And then… they actually squash their beef and hug it out…at least for now.

The Love of Miles’s Life

It’s revealed that Miles is the love of Milan’s life. It’s refreshing that these two aren’t stereotypically gay as in…props or the caricatures we tend to see on other reality shows (looks at RHOA). The drama here is that Miles is also dealing with Amber, another player on the show. They used to be in a relationship and she wants to get back with him, but he doesn’t want to be with her because he’s in love with Milan. However,  his sexuality is a secret from his family and friends, so he’s not exactly ready for the white picket fence life with Milan either.

Ray J Being Ray J

Ray J decided to shut down his extra apartment with a bang. He had a party that was supposed to be the last harrah there, but told Princess that he was working late and to not wait up for him. Princess isn’t dumb, contrary to what Ray J seems to believe (even though she does make bad decisions), so she figures out what’s up and stops by the spot to see if he’s there. She busts up the party and does a good job of only coming for Ray J, but he flips the script on her again (seriously, Ray J’s split personality thing is like that DMX song “Damien”) and tells her that  “this is how the f–k he turns up,” and she basically has to deal with it. It’s almost as if he wasn’t chasing her down and apologizing not too long ago. Princess surprisingly doesn’t allow him to bait and replies with, “goodbye.” She’s actually about to leave until one of the strippers says, “Your feet are crusty bitch,” and it’s on and popping from there. Hopefully Princess doesn’t get locked up behind Ray’s drama again, but we’ll have to wait until next week.

This is dedicated to everyone on every Love and Hip-Hop Franchise:


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