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Two former employees of a New Jersey daycare center accused of staging a fight club among children pleaded not guilty Friday, according to reports.

Erica Kenny, 22, and Chanese White, 28, allegedly encouraged children, ages 4 to 6, to fight each other on the playground of the Lightbridge Academy in Cranford last month. Kenny allegedly shared the video of the incident with friends on Snapchat. Kenny can be heard referring to the video as “fight club” as the kids pummelled each other.

“Essentially the daycare workers are encouraging it and videotaping it,” Union County Prosecutor Grace Park said.

Snapchat videos are short vignettes that disappear after about a day (and can also be manually deleted before time is up), but investigators were able to find the video after someone recorded it.

The two women were fired. White faces up to 18 months in prison while Kenny could get up to five years.

Absolutely disgusting! Can you imagine thinking your children are safe during the day, and then you find out something like this? Ugh.


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