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Prince doesn’t do interviews often, but when he does, they’re entertaining and filled with royal poise. In a rare sit down with Smokey Fontaine for a+ creative studio, Prince introduces the world to his talented keyboardist Joshua Welton, reveals his thoughts on Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Jill Scott, Jay Z and makes a bold statement about the youth.

“He just has something he has to say. It’s pure,” Prince says about Kendrick Lamar. “And with Thundercat on the album? Come on. You’re not taking ‘Alright’ off my playlist!”


Another favorite artist on Prince’s playlist is Jill Scott. Duh. “I still remember that first video when she was walking down the block taking her earrings off ready to throw down…” he says.

Shifting gears, Prince touches on the youth. “Can you imagine what would happen if young people were free to create whatever they wanted?” he questioned.

And just in case you thought Prince has changed over the years, he wants you to know, “Everybody always stops talking or doing anything when I walk in! They say it’s the artist who changes, but…I don’t know, I really think it’s everybody else…”

Read the full interview, here.


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