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UPDATE: Wednesday, August 26, 12:00 AM EST:

The manhunt for Vester Flanagan has ended. The suspect shot himself after being confronted by police on Interstate 66. It is still unclear if he is dead.

ABC News obtained a 23-page manifesto from Bryce Williams.

UPDATE: Wednesday, August 26, 11:30 AM EST:

The suspect, Bryce Williams a.k.a Vester L. Flanagan, posted his motive on Twitter shortly before his account was suspended.

UPDATE: Wednesday, August 26, 10:30 AM EST:

More information about the suspect has been released.

According to Gov. McAuliffe, the gunman is a “disgruntled” former station employee. AP reports on Twitter, police are in pursuit of the suspect on Interstate 64.


WDBJ-TV reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were savagely gunned down in Virgina this morning during a live TV broadcast.

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