Mansur Ball-Bey, another St. Lous Teen whose death by police ignited protests, died from a single gunshot to the back, according to a preliminary autopsy.

Via The Daily News:

The 18-year-old black teen was killed Wednesday after police say he ran through the back door where cops were executing a search warrant and pointed a gun at officers as he turned. He was hit and ran around a corner before collapsing.

A search of the home yielded stolen guns and crack cocaine, and a teen with Ball-Bey escaped, they said.

Police Chief Sam Dotson told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the location of the gunshot wound does not prove or disprove the officers’ narrative.

“Just because he was shot in the back doesn’t mean he was running away,” Dotson said. “It could be, and I’m not saying that it doesn’t mean that. I just don’t know yet.”

“What I do know is that two officers were involved and fired shots, but I don’t know exactly where they were standing yet and I won’t know until I get their statements.”

Ball-Bey’s cousin told the Daily News that the autopsy confirms the family’s suspicious about the police’s version of events, noting that Ball-Bey wasn’t armed.

“It’s the gut feeling we’ve had all along,” DeAndre Cody said. “We knew Man Man was smarter than that. He just wouldn’t pull a gun on the police.”

“He pointed a gun at officers as he turned.” So…he pointed a gun to officers as he turned to run away. Mmmkay. Just repeat that to yourself.

It was also stated that Ball-Bey had no criminal background, and that he was headed to college in the fall. Not all of the facts have been released yet, but here we have another future cut short. Smh.


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