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Welcome to your first official Monday of 2016, Beauties! With many of you returning to work after a few weeks of holiday vacation with your families, we know the country is under collective stress today. With a new week and a new year ahead, we hope that you also have a new outlook and that things will be looking up for you at work. But just in case your difficult boss, co-workers and all of your 2015 gripes about your job are waiting for you (perhaps even with renewed vigor), we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s how to avoid a complete meltdown today. (Note, this post originally ran in the summer of 2015).

By a show of hands, how many of you have thought out in painstaking detail, and even rehearsed, how, when, and to whom you will announce your resignation or quitting of the job at which you currently are working?

Daydreams of leaving may be full of drama, a la this infamous Dave Chapelle sketch. Or perhaps, in your mind you’ve silently slid your resignation letter to your boss after your weekly Friday meetings (that somehow are always scheduled for 6:00 p.m.). The point is that they have all been entertained in our heads at some point in time during our careers, which, in the grand scheme of things, is healthy. Entertaining dreams of how and when you may leave a job is a lot better than acting out while on the job to express your disdain or displeasure with you boss, co-workers, or assignments. Word? Word!

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If, and when, your job hands you a basket full of blues and handful of heartache for one reason or another, here are four ways to ward off a meltdown so you can keep is cute, classy and employable in the future.

Recognize the Triggers

Being cognizant of the people, things and situations that may cause you to pop off on somebody at work is half the battle in dealing with and avoiding a total meltdown. If you know that Monday morning meetings give you the blues, or that a particular employee works your nerves, be armed with the attribute of avoidance or the gift of getting gone. Recognize what may cause your triggers and seek a solution to not having to even deal with it. If you can’t avoid whatever or whomever is the cause of your grief, being prepared with favorable reactions will definitely assist.


If you have ever experienced an unwarranted and unfavorable comment or action directed towards you by your boss or co-worker, the best reaction you can give them, and yourself, is a smile. A smile, to someone who has just attempted to shade you to the high heavens, throws people off. In their minds they are wondering how on God’s green earth can you respond to foolishness with a smile. Additionally, a smile can bring you (albeit temporarily) back to a place of perceived sanity so you won’t harm your work reputation, or anybody else.

Take a Break

Fresh air, reading a verse from your green pocket bible, coffee, a cigarette, candy bar, nip of scotch strategically placed in your bottom drawer (kidding, but…not kidding) may all do wonders to keep the crazies at bay. Don’t let em do it to you girl. It ain’t worth the trouble. Take a minute to breathe, read, reflect and move on.


After you have kept the crazies that the people at work are conjuring up at bay, it is best to express your issues to your boss or human resources department in a professional manner. By documenting any off the wall instances, you may be able to file a formal complaint if it is found that you are being harassed by others with the hopes of you breaking bad on somebody and ultimately being fired.


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