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Empire‘s Jussie Smollett is on the cover Bleu Magazine and he opened up about everything from his relationship with Terrence Howard to never being in the closet and how he’s finally living his dream.

On his Hollywood success: “It’s been a lesson in patience and hard work. I never had a plan B. I know how to do other things. I always held down a job. I always made sure, as a Black man, that I was responsible for mine. That was always something super important to me and was something instilled in me by my mother–to be a hard working man, a hard working human being.”

On his relationship with Terrence Howard: “I have such a wonderful brotherhood with Terrence. The scenes with Terrence and I are most intense; they’re also draining. But at the same time, I trust him with my soul. I feel like our chemistry is great. He’s dope. And I have such a love and respect for him that I feel comes across in the show.”

On the famous “You’re so beautiful” performance scene: “Every time I did that scene it was like coming out again and again and again. Right before shooting that scene I felt very nervous, as if somehow things would never be the same–and they weren’t, yet they were. It’s the same feeling that I had when I did Ellen. It was a little bit scary, but it was freeing. The fan response that I’ve gotten from that scene has been next level to me.”




We’re totally swooning over these pics! Read the full Bleu Magazine article here.

Also in Empire BAE news, Jussie was spotted on Gabourey Sidibe‘s twitter putting in work. He was mopping the floors and might we add, looking damn good doing it. Yum!

We all need a friend like Jussie.


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