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He Said/She Said is an original series on HelloBeautiful where we ask celebrities who are brave enough stop by our office, to answer questions about love, dating or sex and they’re brutally honest.

Imagine being able to go to an island where you’re able to experience encounters that can help you look within, deal with the issues you’re facing and then leave better than how came. Our family over at TV One created the movie, Runaway Island (premiering on 7/25 at 8 p.m.) to offer viewers a unique story about a group of troubled strangers looking to do just that. And during their time on the island, which is steeped in African American heritage and culture, they undergo a transformational experience.

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For those of you who have been taking advantage of those glitch travel fares, this movie is your life. Everyone has a different agenda when it comes to travel, but many of us what the same thing: to relax and release. Vacations offer the opportunity to leave your life behind and experience new people, culture and even yourself in a different and refreshing space.

Runaway Island star, Aisha Hinds says she travels all the time for that purpose, so the movie felt like a vacation. “Whether it’s that you’re running away from something or running to something, people just kind of want an experience that is different from everything that has been happening already.”

And let’s not pretend that ‘vacation lovin’ isn’t a thing, because it is!

We caught up with Aisha and her hunky chocolate costar, Thomas Q. Jones (everyone’s favorite “cutty buddy” from Being Mary Jane) and they spilled the beans on all things sexy when it comes to getting away. Check out what they have to say about who they’d bring to a secluded island, what they love about the opposite sex and how they would approach a stranger they were attracted to.

HelloBeautiful: If you could bring your  crush to a deserted island, who would that be and what would be one thing that you guys would do together?

Thomas Q. Jones: My woman crush, oh man. I don’t know. As far as having one woman on an island, that would be pretty tough. I don’t know if I would have anyone I would pick in particular. But If I did have to take one woman, it would be my mom and just to get her away from you know the past, the tough times and all the things she did for me and my siblings. You know my mother worked in the coal mines for 19 years, she worked underground in Virgina for years. She can definitely stand a vacation.

While we were there I would just want her to talk and just enjoy her presence, enjoy her company. Just to be in her presence and hear her stories. She’s a really interesting person, she’s had a really interesting life. Her mother passed at an early age and she was 15 and she had to take care of her 6 and 7 other brothers and sisters and then worked in the coal mines for 19 years and then she had me and was able to raise me to graduate to college and then play 12 years in the NFL and now be an actor. That’s what I would do. That would be refreshing.

Aisha Hinds: Here’s the thing, I have this conversation with people all the time I’m like, ‘Damn, I don’t know if I have man crushes because  I crush on weird things.’ I crush on people’s mind, I crush on people’s humor, I crush on people’s talent. I love and crush on people like Jeffrey Wright!

So I would like take Jeffrey Wright to some open stage, like you know they have Shakespeare in the Park, and just spit theater all day, all night.

HB: What do you love most about Black men/women?

TQJ: I love strength. I love the creativity of Black women. I’ve seen Black women create things that have kind of been exploited in a lot of ways especially in America. A lot of Black women create a lot of different things and unfortunately a lot of those ideas are stolen or claimed by someone who didn’t create these things. But I love their creativity. I love their strength. I love their complexions. I love just the different flavors. You have caramel, you have chocolate (I like chocolate). I think it’s amazing that we can all have these different complexions as far as Black people and Black women but look the same. I don’t think people take the time to realize how amazing that is.

AH: I love a man who is smart, but not afraid to ask questions. You know the man who knows it all, or pretends to know it all or isn’t willing to say that I don’t know it all, is not where it’s at for me. I love a man who can teach me things, but is also teachable and I don’t necessarily have to be their teacher but they want to learn. I love a consummate student, like a student of life, a student of love, a student of faith, a student of women, a student of himself. I love a man who’s a consummate learner.

HB: How do you approach a stranger who you are attracted to?

TQJ: I think the key to approach any stranger is body language. You talk with your eyes. I’ve kind of mastered that language. I’m not a master of women, but I think I’ve mastered the art of using my eyes. It’s pretty funny how you can look at a woman and feel a certain way and let her know what you’re thinking. I don’t think a lot of guys understand that. I think women like that because it makes them feel special and it makes them feel wanted. It’s like use your eyes as bait. If you’re a hunter and you’re hunting a woman, you have to use your eyes as the bait.

There’s a certain type of look you can give a woman that doesn’t say stalker and it doesn’t say creep but it says ‘Mmm.’ Women respond to that look. It opens the door for you to approach them. From that point when I felt like they gave me the key, I can open that door like ‘Hey, how you doing? What’s your name?’ Straight talk you know, women like to be talked to, they don’t like to be gamed. Talk to them. Ask how they’re doing. Where you from? You look nice.

Things like that will always work. Women love to hear that. They love conversations. They like to do a good job before they left home. With whatever they do, whether it’s the outfit, the hair, the makeup, whatever they did before they left, they need to know they did a good job on it. I think most men need to realize that.

AH: You know, I probably would position myself within their eyeline and if they don’t see then I might make a strong eye contact.

Catch Aisha Hinds in CBS’ Under The Dome on Thursdays at 10 p.m., Wet, Hot American Summer later this year and All The Way (she’ll be playing Fannie Lou Hamer) alongside Bryan Cranston later this year.

Catch your favorite ‘cutty buddy’ in Straight Outta Compton in August and a possible return to Being Mary Jane. Other projects include The NFL: The Gift Or The Curse? and an upcoming football documentary.


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