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If you’ve ever crashed somewhere that isn’t your home after a party, then you’ve inevitably made the horrible “walk of shame” – in fact, HB contributing writer Ashlin wrote a whole story about it!  And if you got a little action the night before, you’re even deeper in the hole (no pun intended) than if you’d just stopped at a friend’s for a drunken late-night cat nap – now you’ve got sex hair, smeared makeup, maybe ripped tights, and everything’s a mess.  And even if it wasn’t about the sex, if you’re walking down the street at 9am in stilettos and a short dress, we all know you’re coming from a home that probably isn’t yours.

So some genius – no seriously, this is pure brilliance – created the Walk of Shame Kit, a complete package for the girl who can’t make it all the way home on Party Night or the guy who has frequent…err…lady visitors.  The kit includes a one-size-fits-most dress, a pair of flip flops, a package of Altoids Smalls, a backpack for all your extra crap, sunglasses for those sleepy eyes, a pre-pasted toothbrush for your morning breath, baby wipes (so you can at least go home somewhat fresh), and a Call/Don’t Call note, if you’re the one-night-stand type.

Only thing that kind of sucks about this kit is that you can’t really carry all this stuff out with you if you’re planning on bringing a clutch. So sometimes you have to just take the loss, pack the Altoids, the wipes, and the sunglasses, and hope you don’t run into anyone you know the next day. Or maybe just a credit card, ID, and the Altoids – pretty genius that you don’t have to carry that huge tin around anymore, and the empty Smalls tins make for great earring storage boxes.

Either way, if you have a frequent “friend with benefits” that you crash with on Saturday nights, but haven’t quite reached the level of being entitled to your own drawer, store a Walk of Shame Kit in his closet. It’s only $35 bucks, and you’ll be REALLY grateful you have it one day.

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