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Well, you could take this week’s Newsweek cover and its accompanying story a couple of ways. The fact is, Oprah Winfrey really DOES say some outlandish things on her show – and that isn’t to say they’re untrue; it’s just that the pathway to health and happiness isn’t as 1-2-3 easy as she’d like to make you believe. But it’s a talk show – everything that needs to be said and done about one’s lifestyle has to first attract an audience, and then be able to fit into a 40-minute segment.

But did the magazine go a little far with this cover? Perhaps you could say they’re doing just what Oprah does – saying and doing just enough to catch your initial attention with such an abrasive cover, regardless of what the actual article says on the inside. Or maybe they’re just being way too harsh.

Or maybe someone’s finally not afraid to step to The Winfrey! She practically runs the world. I wouldn’t mess with her.  But I have to give it to Newsweek for having cojones.

Michelle Obama on the cover of Newsweek

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