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Voting Rights Act Supporters Rally In South Carolina

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Federal Trial In North Carolina Determines If The State’s Election Laws Discriminate Against Black Voters

North Carolina is now presiding over legislation from 2013 to decide if the state’s election laws discriminate against Black voters. The regulations at stake include cutting down on voting days, same-day registration and preregistering high school students. There is also a case on Texas law requiring voters to display a photo ID during registration. The lawsuit in North Carolina was waged by the local N.A.A.C.P. Chapter, the League of Women Voters, a group of college students and the Department of Justice. All involved with the cases expect them to have a lasting effect on national voting practices for the 2016 presidential elections. Read more at NPR.

Greece Heeds To Creditors’ Demands, Country Remains In Eurozone 

The president of the European Council announced on Twitter this morning that lenders have reached an agreement in the Greek debt crisis. The plan includes many of the austerity measures the Greek government was originally trying to avoid, including financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund, selling off 50 billion euros of government assets and promptly agreeing to the final draft of the country’s now third bailout package, possibly by Wednesday. Although Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras emphasizes the country’s success in avoiding a Grexit, analysts note that Athens has essentially suffered from “total capitulation” as the deal offered by creditors months ago was significantly more generous. Read more at the New York Times.

Scott Walker Declares Presidential Candidacy

Yet another republican candidate has entered the 2016 race for president. With a Facebook video post today, Scott Walker said: “I’m running for President of the United States because Americans deserve a leader who will fight and win for them.” Walker is entering the race after two terms as the governor of Wisconsin. Read more at ABC News.

Smithsonian Continues To Hold Cosby Art Collection Amid Serial Rape Scandal

The AP reports that the Smithsonian has no intention of taking down Bill Cosby’s personal art collection despite controversy surrounding the comedian’s rape allegations and his admission to giving women quaaludes while pursuing sex. A museum official asserts that although the Smithsonian doesn’t condone Cosby’s actions, the institution is maintaining the exhibit for the sake of the art on display, and not the comedian himself. However, experts are raising eyebrows at the arrangement, as Camille Cosby, Cosby’s wife, is on the museum’s board and funded the exhibition. Plus, placing the Cosbys’ artwork in the Smithsonian greatly increases its value. Read more at the AP.

Diplomats Announce They’ve Reached A Nuclear Deal With Iran

After 10 years of negotiations, talks with Iran to restrict their atomic program in exchange for sanctions relief are coming to a close. Diplomats warn that they are still ironing out final details on the agreement. The deal is expected to face intense review and criticism from the US Congress. Also, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed concerns that the deal is too benign on Tehran, especially in light of recent attacks from ISIS. Read more at the AP.

NAACP Pulls 15-Year Boycott From South Carolina

After the Confederate flag was taken down from South Carolina’s Capitol Grounds on Friday, the NAACP recently announced through Twitter that it is ending its economic boycott of the state. The boycott, held in conjunction with other groups including the NCAA and the Union Auto Groups, began in 2000 when the rebel flag was moved from the State House to a nearby Confederate memorial. The organization’s president, Cornell William Brooks, said that taking down the flag “will make South Carolina more welcoming and affirming of all people irrespective of their skin color.” Read more at the Huffington Post.


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