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If you’re like me then you noticed #WhiteGirlsDotItBetter trending on Twitter, and probably rolled your eyes. And if you’re really like me then your curiosity got the best of you and you entered the hashtag knowing you were about to unleash a world of shenanigans.

Basically, there’s a Twitter account that corresponds with said hashtag that initially began by encouraging White girls to post their best selfies and tagging it with, “#WhiteGirlsDoItBetter.” Based on the launch date of the Twitter account — which you can search for yourself because I’m not linking it — this had been going on for at least a couple of years.

Then some time last week, “#HowItFeelsToBeABlackGirl” started trending. Before that there was #HispanicGirlsUnited. Those hashtags were meant to express the complexities of being a woman of color living in a world where “White is right” still dominates how many people think and how society is structured.

It’s probably not a coincidence that #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter all of a sudden caught on. It started with White girls bigging themselves up because, you know, they’re not already the standard of beauty (insert sarcasm).

Exhibit A:

But then something magical happened. Someone fired up the barbecue and began an epic roast.

The point of the roast, at least by the people who got it, was to point out that the hashtag was ridiculous because again, society is still largely dominated by White Supremist thinking, and the idea that the European standard of beauty is what EVERYONE should aspire to (just check the top fashion magazines, TV, and fashion week diversity stats if you don’t believe me).

Even more magical was that fact that people from various backgrounds including, Black, Middle Eastern, Asian, Hispanic, and even some White people too, participated in the roast. Some people got political, some historical and some just straight up goofy.

Here are some of the best tweets:

You get the idea. Talk about a hashtag fail!



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