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Our Lady of Slayage Naomi Cambell is not here for the lack of diversity in fashion either. In a new video series called Subjective, she sat down with photographer Nicki Knight to share her thoughts about what’s going on in the world of fashion, just short of Nykhor Paul’s recent Instagram rant about the same topic.

Campbell, who is a 28-year veteran (and possible Nosferatu), says she has no plans to end her modeling career until the fashion industry diversifies.

“I don’t even like to use the word racism. I call it more territorialism, where they just don’t want to budge. They don’t want to change their ideals and be more open-minded to just booking a beautiful girl regardless of color,” she said.

Campbell pointed out that the 2014 runway shows only had 6.8 percent models of color and she feels that seasoned models should campaign for more models of color to be hired.

“We are not a trend, it shouldn’t have to be that way, Just say it’s a beautiful model. Can she do the work, can she give you want you want? It’s not just only one certain color of person walking into a store and buying your clothes, it’s everybody!”

You can watch the full interview above, but Knight seemed to agree with Campbell in that there is a problem and that this is a conversation that must continue to be had until these designers start getting it together.

Campbell definitely puts her money where her mouth is. She works with veteran model Iman and fashion activist Bethann Hardison on the Balance Diversity campaign, which tracks how many models of color were used runway shows.


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