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Church fire

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Since the Charleston Church Massacre, when Dylann Roof walked into a historic AME Church and killed nine people, Black churches in America have been burning in mysterious circumstances across the country. To be exact, seven Black churches have burned down in two weeks. While it might be lost on a generation of people who did not necessarily grow up with these crimes, it should not be lost in the American conscience or imagination that the burning of Black churches represents a certain hatred towards Black Americans.

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The latest update in this series of events, is that these fires at black churches are not in any way related to hate crimes, according to authorities. Investigators have claimed that there is just no evidence to support that these burnings were motivated by racial hatred yet.

Excuse me why I give a major side-eye to this finding. How can six Black churches burn down after a Massacre and there is no “evidence” to show that it is a hate crime?

We’ll be keeping a close eye on developments.


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Three Black Churches Have Burned Since Charleston Church Massacre