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Now that it’s the summertime, there are going to be countless opportunities for you to go traveling with friends and family. Do what you have to do to look cute and be prepared! Having a wallet and a cute outfit to match are just the basics that you should pack in your weekend bag. However, if you add these extra accessories to your luggage, you can Spark Your Style and still look your finest while on the go:

1) Water, Your Most Important Accessory

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Please, please, please make sure that you’re staying hydrated throughout the day. True moisture starts from within so bring a water bottle with you in your bag. Proper hydration not only helps to prevent dry, tight skin, it also keeps you safe in the hot summer sun.

2) Aviator Sunglasses

This is a classic item that you should definitely have in your wardrobe for a sexy, sleek look. They’re easy to get their hands on too. Walmart has brands like Flower and Hardy Candy that offer fabulous alternatives to more expensive lines out there.

3) Statement Necklace

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Here’s another classic accessory you’ll want to have in your collection to add a little spark to your most casual, basic outfit. A strong statement necklace is the perfect compliment to a simple outfit like a white tank top paired with some distressed denim.

4) A Scarf

You can never go wrong with packing an extra scarf in your weekend bag. A scarf automatically makes your wardrobe more versatile. It’s lightweight and easy to travel with. It’s a wonderful cover up for those air-conditioned indoor spaces and for when it gets chilly in the evenings. Plus, it’s really practical for wrapping your hair when you feel like trying a different style. There’s a reason why this look is a top choice among designers this summer.

5) Bold Colors


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Don’t carry the dark, drab colors of winter into the new season with you! Work on incorporating bursts of color into your clothes and your make-up for the summer to lighten things up. A super matte lipstick is the way to revamp your look and put in a little twist to your day. Black Radiance, Maybelline and Milani are some of our favorite brands to go to for this look.

6) Moisturizer

Shea Moisture Body Wash

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Duh. It’s the summertime and those intense rays can really make a beating on your hair and skin. Wear something light that takes a minimal amount of product to get the maximum effect. You’re going for that dewy look so try products like Shea Butter Body Wash and Curl Enhancing Smoothie to hydrate and protect your skin and hair.

Think we missed anything? Tell us about the accessories you like to pop into your weekend bag in the comments below! Make sure you go to to shop the cutest styles for even more of your summer essentials this year.


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