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Taraji P. Henson is not amused by your snide comments on social media, and from time to time, she will come snatch up some edges. Anyone who is familiar with Taraji knows that she is very opinionated, especially online.

She was in the midst of commenting about the Charleston shooting situation when some youngin’ tried to come for her with every child left behind logic. Henson was retweeting people and obviously upset about what she felt was the differences in how police handle arrests by race, and even how the media covers these situations. She then tweeted this photo:

After that, some woman came into her mentions trying to claim that the Dylann Roof situation was no different from the DC Sniper situation (iRoll), and that race wasn’t a factor because a shooter is a shooter, Black or White (yawn), and evil intent is evil intent, then she implied that Taraji probably wouldn’t retweet that because, of course she felt she was kicking the ultimate truth (not).

Check this out:

First of all, Imma need people to stop getting baseless news from memes. The DC Sniper shootings weren’t actually race motivated. I’ll wait for you to pull up photos of the victims and do some real research.


Taraji got wind of the situation and read accordingly.


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