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Hate will not win. That was the sentiment from the family members of Dylann Roof’s victims at his bond hearing. His bond was set sat a $1 million, but it was only for the gun charge and not the murder charge.

Dylann Roof’s bond hearing took place on June 19 at 2 p.m. At the start of the hearing, Judge James Gosnell said words in support of Roof that stopped the world: “There’s victims on this young man’s side of the family,” he boldly stated. He then continued, adding that Roof’s family members have been unwillingly involved into a web of his horrific crimes. The judge said that “we must find it our hearts to help those that are victims, but help his family as well.”

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Excuse us as we pick our jaws up off the floor. While it’s understood that Roof is the confessed-criminal here and his family is likely to be experiencing backlash based on his actions, there should have been no reason the judge mentioned the killer’s family as victims. What and what!?

Roof just confessed to killing nine people at bible study and their family members stood in the courtroom two days later, ready to forgive him, but the judge said gave that infuriating speech. But thank God for unconditional love. We could all take a page from the family of the victims.

“We have no room for hate, so we have to forgive…May God bless you,” One of the family members tearfully admitted. This is Christian love. It’s the type of love that Jesus bestows upon the world, even after having been crucified by the very people in it. This type of forgiveness takes a huge heart. It’s stunning to watch and difficult to understand. But it’s a beautiful thing that shows humanity and the resiliency of the human spirit. These family members literally just lost their loved ones two days before this hearing, so to see them be so loving, accepting and forgiving of Roof speaks volumes.

This judge could only give a bond hearing in regards to the gun charge. There has been no bond hearing for the murder charge.


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