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50 cent didn’t need an engineering firm to assess the quality of his property, he needed an astrologer!

There are some things that can’t be seen with the naked eye, such as lies and deception, but they can be seen in the stars, and the present home repair problems rap artist 50 cent is having sticks out like a

sore thumb in his chart!

50 Cent, a.k.a. Curtis Jackson, is presently in court suing an engineering firm for inadequately appraising the condition of a home he purchased from boxer Mike Tyson’s ex wife in 2003. The 52-room, 48,000 square-foot mansion in Farmington, Conn., has to date cost 6 million dollars in repairs.

According to the engineering firm of BVH Integrated Services, half of the cost were elaborate upgrades for the rap star’s elaborate life style and the other half were repairs. 50 Cent is in court suing this firm for excessive repair charges and for underestimating the amount of money it would take to bring the mansion

up to code. Taking a look at 50 cents astrology chart, one can instantly notice that Neptune, the planet of deception was very influential in causing problem during the time of this purchase. This planet which was at odds with his home situation had the ability to hide, deceive and misconstrue matters. If 50 Cents had a chance to go back and view other situations that were happening in his home life during this same 20 period he might also pinpoint some others things that were going on which had a deceptive or delusionary quality to them!

But, during the time of the home purchase, there were a lot of things either being hidden or not seen because of the planet Neptune for whatever reasons! Having an astrologer on hand in times of major moves

can save big headaches and in terms of 50 cents’ situation, big dollars as well!

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