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Hazard tape

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Bye Felicia! Actually, bye Tracey!

According to the Daily KOS, Tracey Carver-Allbritton has been suspended from her job, CoreLogic Inc.Carver-Allbritton is one of two White women alleged to have instigated the fight that caused the now infamous McKinney Texas pool party incident. Carver-Albritton, according to witnesses, slapped a Black teen and hurled racial insults at Black children in attendance.

And we know what happened once the police arrived.

This comes after people on Twitter took it upon themselves to find out who these women were who started the fight.

It was initially thought that she was a Bank of America Employee:

However, Bank of America Stepped in to  clarify:

Little details have emerged about this because it’s like, was she suspended with or without pay, though? Hmmm….


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