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Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Ronald Adrine found probable cause, Thursday, to charge Officer Timothy Loehmann with the murder of 12-year-old Tamir Rice last year, reports, NBC News.

Judge Adrine also found cause to support negligent homicide charges against Officer Frank Garmback, Loehmann’s partner. Garmback is accused of standing by after Loehmann shot Rice at a recreation center last fall, where Rice was playing with a pellet gun.

Adrine agreed with activists known as the “Cleveland 8” who independently sought an investigation, because they didn’t trust the grand jury investigation. This is an advisory ruling that doesn’t affect the separate grand jury investigation.

Adrine said the video was hard to watch and that he was disturbed by what he saw in his 10 page ruling. He added that it appeared as if Rice was left to lie wounded on the ground for eight minutes with no indication that anyone was trying to help him.

The judge feels there’s enough evidence to justify charges of murder, negligent homicide, reckless homicide, involuntary manslaughter and dereliction of duty against Loehmann, but not aggravated murder.

“Probable clause” is a rare provision under Ohio law that allows private citizens to seek their own investigation.

Again, this is only an advisory ruling, which is basically a suggestion to the grand jury, who still has the power to indict.

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