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Happy Thursday, baby. Here’s what’s going on in the world today. Stay flawless.

GA Woman No Longer Facing Murder Charges For Taking An Abortion Pill And Prematurely Giving Birth

Did you catch this crazy story yet?

After giving birth  to her five month-old fetus in a car while on the way to the hospital, Kenlissia Jones was slammed with malice murder charges and possession of a dangerous drug. Jones’s premature delivery was a result of an abortion pill she bought online. The only problem with the charge—Georgia law doesn’t prosecute women for terminating the life of her own unborn fetus. The charges were brought on by the local police department, then later dismissed by the district attorney. Family members say that Jones was too poor and unstable to have a safer, legal procedure. Read the story at The Root.

Obama Reaches Across The Aisle To Pass Pacific Trade Deal, Final Vote In The House Tomorrow

President Obama‘s steppin’ to the bad side to get sh*t done. JK. Not really.

During Obama’s efforts to secure “fast track” authority, a privilege that could allow him to present to Congress his Pacific Trade Deal that it can pass or reject but not amend, House Republicans have become an unlikely ally. Republicans have been consulting with one another on how to get the bill passed and solve certain problems that the bill presents in funding sources and Medicare. Republicans have been particularly concerned with filling in the blanks on the Trade Deal because they’re trying to placate Democrats’ concerns that deal is an infringement upon workers’ rights. Tomorrow, we’ll see how effective House Republicans and Obama have been in finding solutions to Democrat’s complaints about the bill, as that is when the final vote comes to an end. Read more at FOX News.

Pope Opens Up New Court To Investigate Sexual Abuse In The Catholic Church

I didn’t know this didn’t exist already, either! After years of the Catholic Church receiving horrible publicity for countless sexual abuses at the hands of clergymen, the Pope has opened up a new tribunal to prosecute bishops who have covered up the issue or failed to address it. #Late. Read more at the Washington Post.

FBI Locates Source Of Celeb Nude Photo Hack, Seized Computers & Phones That Leaked Images

I bet Gabrielle Union is breathing easier today. The FBI found the computer that had exposed her as well as hundreds of other celebrities’ private nude photos to a home in Chicago. The content was found by using an IP address to track back to the source. No one came to the door when the FBI arrived at the home and no charges have been filed. Read the story at the Huffington Post.

Have A Seat: High School Principal Demoted For Defending Texas Pool Party Officer

People stay saying stupid ish online that make them lose their jobs. One high school official, former Principal Alberto Iber, commented on an online article about the brutal pool party arrests in Texas by saying: “He did nothing wrong…He was afraid for his life. I commend him for his actions.” I can’t. Of course, the douchebag got into hot water for it and now he’s been on administrative duty. Why they didn’t fire Iber outright, I don’t know—especially since his high school is predominantly Black. Read the story at Reuters.


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