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On Monday morning, in an exclusive Good Morning America clip, Beyoncé announced that her friend and nutritionist Marco Borges, with whom she teamed up for her 22-day vegan diet around Jay Z’s birthday last year, is releasing a book about veganism titled 22-Day Revolution. Oh what fun.

Bey’s most recognizable backup dancer, Ashley Everett, chimed in on the “Drunk In Love” singer’s vegan lifestyle and how Bey doesn’t allow bad influences around her when she’s on the intense diet.

“Some of the people she keeps closest around her, like assistants, when she’s on the diet, because she doesn’t want bad influences around her they’ll go on it too,” Ashley revealed with a laugh. “They’ll like sneak chips, pizza around us. They really all tried to commit to it and [Beyoncé] absolutely does,” she added.

Why are we not surprised? Lol. Watch Ashley dish on Bey’s diet above.


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