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Graduates Throwing Caps

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Yes, you read that headline correctly. Four members of a Mississippi family had warrants issued for their arrests for cheering at their 18-year-old relative’s high school graduation. WREG News 13 reports that the school informed guests that rowdy behavior could result in offenders being kicked out of the venue. The graduate’s family was so excited that they actually did have moments where they shouted the grad out.

In one instance a relative said, “You did it baby,” waived his towel and left. In another instance, the graduate’s mom called her name out when she went across the stage. They were asked to leave, which was fair given the warning everyone got, but were shocked when served with arrest warrants about two weeks later, claiming they had disturbed the peace.

It was not that serious.

Most of the community, and logical people everywhere believe that this arrest is ridiculous. However, the school’s superintendent thinks he’s doing the right thing, claiming that his actions are necessary to maintain order at the graduation ceremonies.


What kind of graduation was this where people couldn’t cheer?

Also, I find it hard to believe that a White family would be subject to arrests in this situation.

Black people are criminalized for every dang thang. Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Isis, Osiris–all of y’all please come get this wheel!


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