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New Beyonce and Janet Jackson

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By now we’ve all heard the word on the street about Miss Jackson’s forthcoming new music and we’re beside ourselves. But let’s be real, the only things more exciting than Janet Jackson coming back would be if she came back with the classic pop music we know she’s capable of and if she collaborated with Beyoncé. So, here are five reasons why Janet should collaborate with Beyoncé.

1. Baddie Meets Baddie

Janet, the original queen, has inspired Beyoncé’s music, dancing and stage persona. In fact, Beyoncé’s last album was basically an unofficial ode to the freaky Janet Jackson songs we love.

2. People are Afraid of Unapologetic Black Female Sexuality

Both Janet and Bey embrace being sexual beings when they feel like it, and aren’t afraid to show it. They pop, lock, shake, gyrate and tell you how and when they want it, and don’t care who doesn’t like it. The message is basically a not so subtle musical way of saying eff you society! This leaves lots of happy Black girls with anthems ready to go for a night out…or in. Catch my drift?

3. It’s Simply Long Over Due

We’ve seen Beyoncé tribute Michael Jackson and generally collaborate with many artists, especially the other Muvah, Tina Turner. All of the collaborations have made sense in some way but nothing makes more sense than knocking it down with Janet.

4. Best Dance Battle Ever

This would lead to the greatest dance battle of all time.

5. Gym Motivation

Janet Jackson was the original ab motivator, but seeing Janet and Bey together will inspired the rest of us to get it together! Gym memberships, commitments, and diets will be extra on point.

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