Cheryl Lynn Anita Baker

Source: David Livingston / Contributor/Bennett Raglin/BET / Contributor / Getty

Last week legendary singers, Anita Baker and Cheryl Lynn dusted off their keyboards to engage in some aged beef on Twitter and we were all embarrassed, mostly for Cheryl, who seemed to be in the argument alone. Lynn noticed that Baker wasn’t following her and went in on a rant of tweets questioning Baker and reminding her that they were once friends.

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None of us wanted any of that to be true and we may have gotten our prayers answered this time around. Cheryl Lynn’s manager, Thurlene Johnson from Cheryl Lynn Productions reached out to #TeamBeautiful and told us that the tweets were not from a verified account. So, does that mean the account and all its tweets are not Cheryl’s? Hmmm. Check out the message Thurlene sent:

“Cheryl Lynn does not have a Twitter or Facebook account.  The individual sending the communications is an imposter pretending to be Cheryl Lynn.  Twitter has been made aware of this situation several times over the last two years.  Careful scrutiny of the tweets reveals it is not a verified account.”
Well, ok, that solves that. We wonder what’s the real Cheryl Lynn account?


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