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To Our Wonderful HB Readers,

Allow me to reintroduce myself as it’s been a while. I am Leigh Davenport, Vice President of Programming at I’m excited to share with you some big news, but first, I have to apologize. For months, you have been complaining about the terrible ads popping up on your computer, the auto-play videos singing to you at your desk, the massive push-down ads that wouldn’t allow you to get to the site and an overall terrible user experience. I want you to know that we’ve heard you and we’re sorry. I want you to know that we too felt the pain of the experience. All of #TeamBeautiful comes to work everyday with the hopes and intentions of creating something that will touch our readers. We come to work with the intention to make you laugh, cry or feel inspired by one of the articles we choose to create and share with you. We realize that if you can’t get to the site without having to play Mortal Kombat with our ad units, none of that of that matters. (Yes, we know it sometimes crashes your browser.) So look, we get it, the site experience has been crappy and I just have to be real with you guys, it was inexcusable and we apologize.

Over the last four years, HelloBeautiful has grown from a celebrity & gossip blog to an online destination that seeks to inform women on multiple levels. We aim to be your know-it-all gal pal. We actively choose to cover news & issues, style & beauty, career & lifestyle and entertainment & celebrity news. In the new site, you’ll only see pieces from the four content categories on our masthead: SoBeautiful, ThinkBeautiful, HelloBuzz, HelloGrind. These four categories, along with our intense focus on original video programming, are at the center of our editorial strategy. We believe that women have a diverse range of interests and that those interests can and should coexist within the same space.

Here are some exciting features you should look out for:

  • New, sleek and refined navigation, so you are just one click away from the latest and hottest news.
  • A bold new logo that reflects our modern and strong editorial voice and identity.
  • A new dedicated video section for our newly-launched DIY series and original online video programming.
  • News & Issues has become ThinkBeautiful and will also house all of our op/eds and perspectives pieces.
  • A new newsletter design that will highlight the best in our four blogs: ThinkBeautiful, SoBeautiful, HelloBuzz, HelloGrind.

Now, on to the fun stuff! We’re going to look so different that we made a video just to welcome you to the new experience. Check it out above and let us know what you think!

With all new site features, there may be a couple bumps and bruises in the early days, so we’ll need your help! If you see something, say something! Drop us a note and let us know what’s working and what’s not, email us here.

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