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I had to stare at this picture for a longgggggg time before I could figure out what to say about it. I was literally speechless. Vanessa Williams has apparently picked her album release party as the right time to hire a drag queen as her stylist. It’s like someone got her drunk, blindfolded her, and locked her in Patricia Field til she came out in whatever she could find. I’d say she’s too old to wear something like this, despite her hot cougar body, but I don’t think anyone, of any age, could wear all this crap put together and pull it off. Judging by the way she normally looks on the red carpet, I’m pretty sure someone told her she needed to “funk” it up a little bit for her album release, so she went along for the ride, but the whole time was secretly thinking, “I can’t believe I let you make me wear this s&*t.”

BRB, I gotta grab some tissues. My eyes are bleeding.

What do you think of this look?