Can somebody say “Kumbaya?” Since the Baltimore Uprising, there’s been several stories surfacing of opposing gang members banding together to bring peace and organization to the streets. It’s beautifully shocking, but shows the power of Black people to make change. The Nightly Show’s Larry Wilmore sat down with gang members from the Bloods and the Crips. They’ve called a truce and Larry was fascinated, as we all are.

“Is it a truce or a treaty?” Larry asks, forever hitting us with hilarious questions that we actually want the answers to.

One of the members of the Crips said, “We didn’t have a truce or a treaty. We just had men respecting men as men and we did it just like that.” The same guy told a story about a rival gang member stepping on his show during the uprising and he told the guy that a couple of days ago, he would have hit him in the mouth.

“Three days from now, things may be back to normal and you can hit him in the mouth again,” Larry Wilmore joked. All the men said, “No, he’s good.” They said the truce is forever in Baltimore.

“Where do you guys think the anger in the community comes from?” Larry asked.

One of the guys said it’s a push back. Baltimore has been up against the wall for decades and now they’re fighting back. The segment was one of the best things we’ve seen. Check out the full segment above.

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