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Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook may have won the MVP award on the court, but he has proven that he is much more than a basketball player.

Westbrook was rewarded with a band new Kia for his All-Star performance at this year’s All-Star games in February, but he decided to pay it forward and donate the car to a single mother. Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder connected with Sunbeam Family Services to find a deserving recipient.

Chief External Relations Officer of Sunbeam, Erin Engelke explained how their organization connected with the Thunder.

“A little over a week ago, I got a call from Christine Berney from the Thunder and she mentioned that Russell Westbrook had a car that he wanted to donate to a worthy individual in the Oklahoma City area and I immediately knew the perfect recipient.”

Kerstin Gonzales is a 19-year-old single mother of two that is headed off to college this year. The new car will help her get back and forth to school and around with her sons. To top it off, Westbrook is also paying her first year of insurance and registration for the vehicle.

Westbrook was ecstatic about giving the car away. “Today was a good stepping stone for her. [It was] showing her that everything is going to be alright,” he said in the video.

This video is even better than watching Westbrook’s exciting season on the basketball court.

Thug tears.


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